Friday, 16 June 2017

FMF - You're an Investment

Five Minute Friday, writing on "Worth," GO!

 This parable of the Master, this giving master, this loving master. Giving talents to his workers, freely and without them even asking. To one is given 5 because it was so decided, but to another 2 and yet another, 1. Talents not meaning our gifts are skills, is money, a lot of money. A measurement of currency that equals 10 000 times a simple denarii. So if my daily wage of what I earn today is a simple $100 a day, times that by my lifes work of 30 years, this would mean God has invested in to my life, a muilt million dollar investment. Superabundance, grace upon grace, blessing upon blessing, He has invested in me. This investment is not a simple money treasure, but lately it means I am seeing the work of my hands for the Kingdom, in a different way. I am an investment, my Father has spent exclusive time on my design, each skill, each gift, each personality quirk, love and like, passion and joy is the unique expression of His deep love and investment. I'm not just given gifts, I am invested in and that's because Abba finds us worth it. I once read an interview with Donald Trump, where he said his father didn't give him a big start up, his dad only gave him $1 000 000 to begin a business. I rolled my eyes, a million bucks sure whose dad can afford to give them that! And yet, our lives as humans created by a Loving Master, means freely He has given, freely He has blessed and freely we have received because He thought we were worth it. Shame on us for burying it in the ground or thinking we don't have worth, His investment alone tells us we have worth. And perhaps we should go all Donald Trump like with our investment, and produce a billion fold exclusively for God's Kingdom! 

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Door of Return - Writing Elsewhere

The humid air licked at my fringe as I waited beneath the bell tower on the grass of a wine farm in Cape Town, my beloved home town. The air played with the rope that hung from the brass bell and as I looked up, I noticed a plaque to the left of where I stood. It was just a normal day out for me, acting like a tourist in my own city. Yet this bell unnerved me, as I stood waiting for my husband on the lawn. Curiosity gripped me and I walked over to the plaque. It held the words slavery on it and bled with the slave stories of the Cape. Small drawings were etched in to the brass depicting what life had been like for the slaves who lived on this farm. 

 That night I prayed in tears for the broken lives left behind in slavery and for those that still live as modern day slaves through human trafficking and abuse. I heard His words fill the air, I am the Door, I am the Return. These words were truth and though they referred to the beauty of Grace’s redemption I knew they meant something more. A week later someone we knew via social media, invited my husband and I to preach the word of God with her on a mission trip to Ghana.......

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Friday, 2 June 2017

One I can't see - FMF

Joining my crew at the new FMF crib and Kate hit the nail this week on the word "future," for me this is a hot topic right now.... No editing, unplanned writing here goes.... 5 minutes!

I've struggled to find my feet since we came back from our U.S.A. trip. We've done ministry trips before and sometimes re-entry is a challenge, but this time it was different. Something shifted within us and within God's plan for us. I recognise though that we could have that shift and receive an unknown new, because both my husband and I, have grown so much spiritually over the past year or so. Our spirits were bigger and more able to carry a greater load then before. That was something I did not recognise after we arrived home. During this time of struggling to find our hope and place, I have come to learn and see a lot. Yahweh doesn't show it to me all at once, but little by little He is pulling the curtain back on the things that have happened. On the things He has done, like this truth about our growth and maturing. Little by little I can see clearer, truths about myself and how He has prepared me for different things, along with these truths, He is calming my heart with the gentle comfort that the future looks good. Don't settle, He keeps on telling me, don't settle for lesser dreams or goals. Even when I slowly slip in to doubt about a life that does not quite make sense most days, He just keeps reminding me of His constant nearness and big plan. One I can't see just yet....

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

My Classics!

 I'm not sure how many people read Classic books these days, but when I started university back in 2004, it was thing! I'm a classic lover and my small collection of classics exploded as an undergrad English literature student. We were handed a folio paper with 20 books on, every year. I remember spending holidays reading, weekends away with friends reading, braaing (that's cooking meat on on an open fire) and reading. It was a bizarre world that somehow left me changed. Those days and hours of reading became formational, I learnt a language of poetry that stirred my passion to find my own truths. Those stories of hope and hopelessless, of love and second chances, of death and life, pain, sorrow and characters resembling people I knew, well they all mattered. I remember the first time I met Mr Darcy, the first time Anne Elliott started blooming again, the dislike of Causabon and the haunting image of Dover Beach, (a place I've actually visited in real life!). Well, this week I am taking part in the love of classic fiction and going against the grain of modern reading and diving in to the classics, as part of the #ReadUpStream challenge. Here's my five favourite classic memories:

1 - Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence. Depicting the inner conflict of the Old pre - war New York society versus upper class New York after the war. 
2 - My favourite Persuasion by Jane Austen. Everything about Persuasion moved me, my mom and I took a trip to Bath where we visited all the Jane Austen sites and places that featured in her books. It made the story come alive, I've actually just written an article on this, watch out for it soon!
3 - Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold. This image of a man desiring change from oppression and staring across the channel from Dover over to France where the French Revolution has already begun. Poetry is so much a part of the social issues of our day, poets are the teachers through whose eyes we see societies feelings. This poem stayed with me.
4 - Gerard Manley Hopkins, a poet my high school teacher made us read. True he was always melancholy and questioning, but quite interesting.
5 - Wole Soyinka, Ake the years of Childhood. Every year in university we were handed a list of African writers we had to read, a lot of them wrote some seriously shocking things I did not read. But Wole Soyinka was a whole different story, Ake is a biography with a compelling narrative written n 1981. 

So this is my off the beaten track list of classics, what's on your list!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Not Visiting, Remaining

Five Minute Friday! I'm writing for five minutes on two different prompts, visit and remain. Here goes!

I climbed quietly beneath the sheets as hubby snored gently. The light was off and I lay looking round the room, talking with God. I carried in my heart the weeks long burdens of dissapointment, sadness and fear. All relevant and all real. I lay there speaking to my Great King sharing honestly about the things I just couldn't grasp or understand and with it all the messiness of emotional pain. I struggled to identify one word that could sum up what I was going through, but right before my eyes closed I found it. And I whispered it in to the ear of the Saviour, I'm losing hope. 

This morning I woke up refreshed and revived, with a scripture turning around in my heart. I made an image of the scripture laid on my heart from God and even posted it on my Instagram. 
As I shared the image, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit overtake me and I wrote a message for others but also for me. I poured a cup of tea and said God how do you want me to pray today? Just then I read a post that came through on my phone about the process of Lectio Divina, the process of listening to Gods voice and promise through a passage of scripture. I sat down and prayed for some time before turning to the passage in Hosea that had been in my mind. I sat with God listening to His heartbeat, with peace and calmness and He began speaking. The hours floated by as He gave me a glimpse in to my present and my future, what He is doing with my valley and the beautiful promises He is giving. I needed it, so so much. As I closed my Bible, a sudden lie of the enemy snuck in, the seed of doubt. Did God really promise such goodness! As the seed floated up, I picked up my phone and an email sat in my inbox. When I opened it, it had been forwarded from a Bible place whose emails I never open but somehow this one I opened. And right at the top was the verse passage and five verses from Hoshea that God had given me. Only God could do that! With this confirmation I beheld the truth that God's promises do not visit, they remain. Just like His Love, and Faithfulness, His unrelenting pursuit of our hearts and Lives. He is so good, and I am so grateful for this water for my soul. 

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Friday, 12 May 2017

The moms who did not Bear - FMF

Five Minute Friday, writing for 5 unedited minutes, and it's the time I let my heart write. No head, just heart and whatever comes out, comes out, sometimes its revelation even for myself! Here goes! This weeks prompt is "mom." 

I've never incorporated the word mom in to my world, simply because I knew I did not want my own children, people find that strange. The fact that hubby and I did not want to be parents to our own children one day. But it's simple really, we love children and have a deep heart for orphans and our spiritual children, the ones we've mentored and loved over the years. We love our nieces, and aunty me over here is forever buying my 4 month old little niece all the little things I can afford (and can't afford). I love her, but mom? Not my identity and not God's either it would seem. I went in to a pre-menapausal state at the age of 29 when my body stopped producing estrogen. It was a very difficult time as hormones play such a huge role in our bodies, more then we know. And at that age and the complications I had, I had to decide on some hormone replacements or a hysterectomy. People gasped when they heard that, but hubby and I knew it was a prayerful decision we could live with. I did not have a hysterectomy and finally this body responded to different treatments and I'm all fixed up now. The part of my identity that has formed around the word mom, is simply somehow being a spiritual mama to many. I love advocating for adoptions and connecting with women that have, this comes from a deep place because Love is part of who we are as children. I have a wonderful earthly mom whom I an thankful for and many spiritual moms over the years, I am so glad for each and every single one of them, I just love them. And the women who have come and invested in my life with love, without having birthed me, they are the ones I hold closest to my heart and to my phone, when days are hard. So perhaps the spiritual moms we have do become the ones we truly value and remember, I think so.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

When my husband folds the undies

I grabbed my art equipment and headed for the door. My hubby stood over the sink, washing dishes. I kissed him, and silently paused just to watch him soaking the soiled plates. The moment was sacred. He was doing the dishes so that I could live a dream and he was happy to do it. So many times, I have walked out the door, on way to a radio interview, or a woman’s meeting and hubby has taken care of the floors or dishes.

 Where I am stronger, I boldly lead. Where he is stronger, he helps, he aids and he settles the fires that can burn out of control especially in ministry. We help one another and boldly place the Messiah as the head of our home. Our testimony and our scars have borne witness to the equality that we have been given as children of God. We never hesitate to love and serve one another, even in our imperfections, of which we have plenty.......

 I'm writing over at Jessica Galan's this week, about the marriage and equality, join me! When my Husband